Sherman Reinius

Sherman Reinius began his computer career more than 20 years ago as a programmer,
when he moved from the CP/M operating system to IBM/MS-DOS. He included early
Desk Top Publishing among his skills, developing the first form of database publishing
using Xerox's Ventura Publisher and contributed chapters to Ventura Tips and Tricks,
from Peachpit Press. Desktop publishing is a continuing interest.

From dBase programming Sherman moved into FoxPro and Visual Basic programming, then
Network Administration. Both Novel networks and Windows networks were designed and implemented,
along with a Lotus .domino Server with Lotus Notes and a World Wide Web server over
a period of six years. For more than six years he tested hardware and software prior to
implementation on a network.

He has also been a computer consultant to two testing labs and a resort for the past five
years, testing and installing hardware and software, and programming specialized applications.

Sherman can be reached at

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