Correctly Koehler


The goal for the seminar is to give class instructors, vocational and professional trainers the opportunity to see, for themselves, the 10-week beginner’s class format; how it is taught and in what order each exercise is taught. 


Included throughout the seminar will be the full set of class handout sheets that we use in class, and they will be distributed at the end of each segment (just like its done at class).


The seminar will include:


Day one:

How to run the foundation class (the debunking and longe line lesson);

How to handle hard dogs in a class setting;

How to set up and make best use of the Tunnel-of-Love;

How to run the scrambled heeling exercise;

How to instruct the on-leash polishing class;


Day two:

How to test (in a group setting) for off-leash readiness and how to establish a proper foundation for off-leash training – or, how to teach the throw chain lesson;

How to use a lightline;

How to responsibly incorporate ‘Problem’ solving into class instruction;

How to prep the class for the graduation exercises;

How to run the graduation; and

How to sell the intermediate level of training (Open).


For more specific details, dates and locations of upcoming Correctly Koehler ™ seminars, contact us at:, or by phone at: (209) 293-4747 


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