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Late Additions:
E-mail for details.

  • Dynakit Stereo 70 Power Amp
  • Empire Turntable
  • Altec N-500D Crossover Networks (pair)
  • Dyna PAT-5 Preamp
  • Pilot 602AM Receiver
  • Pilot 602SA Receiver
  • Eico HF-32 Amplifier
  • Eico HFT-90 FM Tuner
  • Eico HFT-94 AM Tuner
  • Western Electric D-86850 Dual Turntable
    (non-synch version from about 1927)
  • RCA 70-D 16” Broadcast Transcription Turntable

Ampex 01-96440-04 plug-in tube-type microphone preamp. Original accessory for the legendary MR-70 recorder. Uses two cascaded 6CW4 Nuvistor vacuum tubes. Fancy German transformer. Spare tubes available. $125/trade. 2 available. Seller: K6GLH

Ampex micsm
Ampex 350

Ampex Model 351-2 Vacuum Tube Tape Recorder. Beautiful speciman with original unmodified electronics. Heads are quarter-inch half-track. Functional with some spare parts, original manual, and 10-inch tape on NAB hubs. Best offer or trade.
Seller: K6GLH

Nakamichi RX303

Nakamichi RX303 Auto Reversing Cassette Player. This was the first fancy consumer cassette recorder/player to automatically flip the cassette to record/playback the other side. It actually extracts the cassette and flips it, then reloads it. A relic from the
hi-fi past. $50/trade. Seller: K6GLH

Teac A-4010

Teac Consumer R-R tape recorder. Model A-4010S. Two channel 1/4” quarter track. Both work. $75ea/trade. Seller: K6GLH

Ampex 440

Ampex PR-10 R-R tape recorder. Two channels of vacuum tube electronics and working. Equipped with two accessory Nuvistor plug-in 60dB microphone preamps as described above. With original manual.  Offer/trade. Seller: K6GLH

Ampex AG 440 R-R tape recorder.
Two channel and working. Includes original manual. Offer/trade. Seller: K6GLH

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