Recent Additions for Sale or Trade:
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  • 6-Meter Linear amp 4CX-1000A w/vac tuning
  • Hallicrafters SX-28A, all original w/manual
  • Hallicrafters PM-23 Speaker
  • National Radio NC-240D Receiver & Speaker
  • National Radio HRO-60RM with several coils
  • RCA AR-88 Receiver
  • Collins 75S-3/32S-3, both need work
  • Heathkit Mohawk, Apache and Warrior with accessories including HO-10 monitor scope
    and matching speaker for the receiver
  • Heathkit Senica 2 & 6 Meter AM Transmitter (Daystrom era)


  • Collins 75A-1 receiver in excellent condition cosmetically but needs minor work
  • 4-400A Transmitting tubes, several available tested good
  • 810 Transmitting tubes, several available & tested good
  • HP 3582A Audio Spectrum Analyzer
  • National Radio HRO-50Twith several coils in very good condition with matching speaker
  • National Radio HRO Senior, collector-grade  with several coils and power supply
  • ARC-5 Package, 75M Xmtr, Rcvr, Mod, etc.

Hammarlund HQ-180C. A classic general coverage receiver with bandspread calibrated for the ham bands in excellent condition (9+). Purchased from the original owner. With matching speaker and original  manual. $550/trade.
Seller: K6GLH

Racal RA-17. One of my all-time favorite boatanchor receivers for use with AM transmitters. Uses the Wadley Loop. Works like a dream. Receives SSB quite well (better than a stock R-390A). Cosmetics about a 7.5 or so. Handles could be re-chromed. With documentation. $600/trade.
Seller: K6GLH

J2K opsm

Johnson Invader 2000. Up and running with floor power supply and all interconnecting cables. Could use some capacitor replacement in the audio stage. In VGC.  $850/trade. Seller: K6GLH

WECO model 19A
A-1 line

Western Electric Model 19A Receiver. From the mid to late 1930’s. Was the first VHF (45MHz) police receiver. Restored and working. Offer/trade.
Seller: K6GLH

Western Electric SE1071 Audion Control Box. Detector unit for wireless receivers like the IP-500. Dated 1918. Built for the Navy. Offer/trade. Seller: K6GLH

SE1071 front

Collins Post-War AM Station, 75A-1, 32V-1 and accessories. VGC, complete station read to go.  Microphone, antenna relay, hell, you can even have the Steelcase desk and matching chair. Offer/trade. Seller: K6GLH

Jennings amplifier

Jennings Linear Amplifier. A Jennings Vacuum Variable showroom in a box. Custom built for W6TT, co-owner of Elmar Electronics in Oakland in the early sixties by Jo Jennings. Used a 4CX1000, which had been replaced with an 8877.  Offer/trade. Seller: K6GLH

Jennings amplifier front
R390A front

Collins R 390A. VGC, serial 784, complete with top and bottom covers. Picture is not of actual unit, which has the serial tag,  $750/trade. Seller: K6GLH

Collins 310B-1

Collins 310B-1 Exciter.  Working and on the air. Puts out about 25 to 30 watts. Great exciter for a linear amp or Class C final amp. With original manual. Very good condition. Offer/trade. Seller: K6GLH

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