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Welcome to Flojo Brewing and Walton's Mountain Winery & Vineyard Web site!!!

We are located 1/2 mile East of the town of West Point, in beautiful Calaveras county.

Flojo Brewing can help you learn how to make your own Beer, Wine or Mead.
With consultation on all aspects of beer, wine and mead making.

We have a 1 ton per hour Grape Crusher / Stemmer and a #40 Press for hire.
We carry a moderate amount of supplies for your beer, wine and mead making needs.

Walton's Mountain Winery & Vineyard is a fully functioning Small Winery, that specializes in Honey Wine, more commonly known as Mead.

Walton's Mountain Winery is offering:

Red Table Wine,
Traditional Mead,
Cranberry Mead, (SOLD OUT)
Pomegranate Mead,
Tart Cherry Mead &
Hard Cider.

Please look at the pictures of the ground breaking of Flojo Brewing and Walton's Mountain Winery & Vineyard. Pictures of our vineyard will be posted soon.

Do you want to know what the weather is like at West Point, CA? Just take a look at our weather station.

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