Use Volcano Webmail

One other thing you can do is to use the Volcano Webmail webpage to check your email. From this site you can look at your messages as they are on the server before you download them to your computer. You can scan through the messages and delete any that are obvious spam.

You can read any of the messages from this site to confirm if it is indeed spam or something else that you do not want. This also works great if you are having problems downloading an email with a large attachment and want to delete it.

Another great thing about the Volcano Webmail page is that you can check your email from any computer that is connected to the internet. You can create new messages, reply or foward received messages or delete any unwanted email. Click on the link to "Volcano Webmail" below to check out the site.

For more information on the Volcano Webmail page, please click on the "Webmail Information" link below.

Webmail Information

Volcano Webmail

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